'brand' new site

'brand' new site

Like so many things, I have moments that I spend time on updating a blog, photo’s, and my resume. And there are times that I hardly pay attention to these. The last three years seem to be the ‘barren years’, due to a frantic job and a pleasantly time-consuming family. Now in the summer, where there is some time for scientific projects rather than almost full-time patient care, I decided to update this page again.

And then I realized that, rather than the output of the Jekyll scripts which were used to generate this page, I needed the source. Darn… I vaguely remembered that I had an issue with the pc in which I decided not to rebuild it from a Timemachine backup, but a fresh install of OSX instead. Ff >2 years, I also went for a new backup and up til now have not retrieved the backup yet.

Then again, the output of the scripts combined with some reverse engineering has made it possible to rebuild the site fairly easily. From now, I’ll try to add more content to the site. No promises, however. Time is a precious commodity.

Happy browsing!

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