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Venturing into Forax › North America Nebula
Colorful monochrome imaging of SHO data Read More ›

A day/citytrip to Reykjavik › Rainbow
Rainbow Read More ›

Nebulae › I see stars
First Light Read More ›

Hearing › What is that sound
One of the first hearing aids applied Read More ›

Himarari-8 watching over us: one year compressed into 16min › Ever changing
From 20,000 miles up, our home planet is a hypnotic swirl of the familiar and the sublime Read More ›

or just a slightly updated one › 'brand' new site
23 hours › Keeping watch
about a surgeon who for the first time performed a heart transplant Read More ›

Quite a magnificent view › Thunder
Pilot Flies Above The Thunderstorm To Get A Perfect Shot Of It At 37,000 Feet Read More ›

Testing two types of stimuli for Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) threshold measurements › Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) threshold measurements
choices, choices... Read More ›

Internation Symposium on Hearing 2015 › ISH 2015
In a city, far far away Read More ›