Ever changing
Earth from afar, one complete year!

Himarari-8 watching over us: one year compressed into 16min

Ever changing

From 20,000 miles up, our home planet is a hypnotic swirl of the familiar and the sublime

35.786 km above Earth, travelling at more than 11.000 km/h, Himawari-8, Japan’s most advanced meteorological satellite, observes the Eastern Hemisphere day and night.

For one year we look through the eyes of the distant observer. From solstice to solstice, from pole to pole, from storm to storm we watch Earth’s beauty and fragility, weather’s wonders, forces and disasters - from space, it all looks miraculous.

Imagery created and animated based on scientific observation data: Irradiation scans by the meteorological satellite Himawari-8. Numerical measurement data courtesy of JMA / BoM / NCI. Sound composed by mixing samples algorithmically based on video image content.

coding, graphics, animation, sound, production: Felix Dierich

source: https://ayatgo.wetplanet.de/

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